Over the Counter - Elk Diaphragm Call


The OTC (Over The Counter) diaphragm call was designed with public land diehard hunters in mind. If you are chasing the highly pressured bulls on an OTC tag, look no further for a versatile, realistic mouth call.

This call is capable of producing soft cow calls to great two-tone locating bugles. We use medium latex with a soft stretch, making anyone capable of producing realistic elk calls.

Furthermore, this call is adaptable to your calling ability. If you are new to using a mouth call, the combination of latex and stretch, you find it easier to use than some of our other mouth calls. If you are an expert, the sound range you can make with this reed is impressive.

Customer Reviews

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Like it

First time trying a diaphragm call. I think I sound like a cow elk. Very happy with the product and service.

Cat road shuffle

I left a first review sometime earlier this summer after I'd bought and was trying out the diaphragm calls that come with the cat road shuffle. I wasn't new to diaphragm calls. I could cow call pretty good, but I'd never learned to bugle with one. And it had been about seven years since I even had one in my mouth. Just as the Born & Raised guys said, I needed to find which ones worked best in my mouth, and at my level of experience. That ended up being the white, yellow, orange and gray ones. I ended up ordering another pack of the gray OTC ones. And then I was going to pick up another one of the others at my local BiMart and they were almost sold out! But I did get another yellow Committed one. Between the Born and Raised videos on calling and the ones by Corey Jacobsen and Dirk Durham, who they hunted with in the GREAT video of hunting in Wyoming that they dropped last week, I'm feeling pretty good about my bugling. I've still got work to do, but it's a long season and I'm getting confident.


Got this call along with the ez cow and the otc call was a little bit harder to use but after some practice and some trimming on the call it’s another awesome call and it sounds amazing can’t wait to use theses on my elk hunt

Aaron K

Love my new otc. I love the mix of cow calls and bugles I can make on one call. It will be first reed I choose on next elk hunt. Thanks!