The Reason - Elk Diaphragm Call


The Reason diaphragm call is designed to make soft calf calls to ear-piercing bugles.

This call is capable of producing quiet notes to loud locating bugles.

The specially designed latex, makes anyone capable of loud nasty bugles, getting bulls in the deep dark canyon to crack off.

All your buddies will be envious when you’re sporting “The Reason” next to your dead bull!

Manufactured by Born and Raised Call Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Easy to use

I have struggled with mouth reeds but tried these after hearing Corey Jacobsen talk about them. Very easy to use and I am making some of the best elk calls I ever have with them. Got the blue (reason) and orange (september) calls. Both are great, I do better with the blue overall. Used heavy for about a month now and they are still like new. Will be ordering more to prepare for the season. Fast shipping and good quality all around.

Great sounding call

I got the 3 pack of the "Reason" calls because I seem to lose all my stuff after getting out of my truck. The call sounds great, especially when hitting a nasty lip ball. Public service announcement though, I will not be trying to chuckle without a partner that knows the heimlic maneuver ever again. Operator error on that one. Other than that this is a great call.

Newbie! Finally able to make Sounds

I got 5 diaphragm calls and meat bags. Going on the 8th September to start hunting. I have never been able to make any sound with diaphragm calls. I am now able to make sounds with all 5 of the calls. Not sounding great or even good(newbie) Just started this year to try to call with diaphragms. So far impressed with the ease of use of your calls. I have tried Roady Mountain, Primos, and 1 Phelps calls. Was not successful until I used Born and Raised brand. Keep up the good work.

Great call

One of the best fitting calls I have found, great for beginners

Kraig Hunter
The Reason

Best call I’ve found for a beginner bugler and cow caller. I lost one last season and wore my other one out. Had to buy a couple more this off season.