The "New Blood" Call Kit is a 4x pack of our latest cow elk diaphragms from Born and Raised Call Co. Included in this pack is the following:

- (1x) September (orange)

- (1x) Land of the Free (red)

- (1x) EZ Cow (white)

- (1x) Over the Counter (grey)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great calls, easy to use

Great calls, easy to use even for a novice like myself. Looking forward to using them in the field!

Just what I needed

I'm new to calling and have had a hard time with all the other brand diaphragms that I've tried. These have worked great and they are a lot easier to use. Keep up the good work guys!

BRO calls

Like most through the years I’ve used just about every call in the market .. you guys have done yourselves proud. The tones are spot on and from right out of the package fit the mouth perfect.. can’t wait to see how they perform this season!!

Joseph Miller
Turning beginners into experts

Got these calls after buying some from Primos and from Rocky Mountain. I'm new to the game being a Wisconsinite and going on a first elk hunt with two friends next month. I was frustrated with the calls from "the other guys" but have been shocked at how much better sound and ease of use I get from the Born and Raised diaphragms. OTC seems to be the easiest beginner call, but I'm starting to feel September is my favorite. Been driving my wife crazy the last few weeks and cannot wait to get out in the Wyoming elk woods. I was so happy to hear y'all started your own call company and couldn't wait to support you! Shipping was unbelievably fast, and I cracked up at your humorous email notifications (gotta be Trent!). GOD BLESS!

Robert Scott
AZCO call review

I funded out for over 30 years but unfortunately have not been drawn as much as I would like. I practice alcohol in on a consistent basis you’re in and you’re out. i attended the elk calling class from BROD and then bought all of the calls. I have already emailed customer service about the calls however I Will let you know what I found out with these calls. The LOA is the best of them as the red and the latex for your palate seem a little weak. This may be great for beginners who are not experienced L colors. After trying all of the calls again the LOF what is the best brunch. All of the calls could do car calls very easily the LOF was the best to do bugles and chuckles or grunts. I’m looking forward to the next generation with a little stiffer latex to see how that all works.