We dive into the video archives and pull some of our favorite moments chasing elk across the West.

Whether it was on a premium draw hunt in Arizona to chasing OTC Roosevelt elk in our home state of Oregon, we have been blessed with some amazing elk footage!

If you like screaming bulls in your face, you won't want to miss this video!

WATCH: 20 Kills / 20 minutes 

Featuring: onX, Sig Sauer

Over the years, we've had some amazing hunts and some not-so-amazing hunts. We've come to create a list that we constantly refer to in the field to keep our mind sharp and prepared for killing our next elk!

Tip #1 - Hardest Part is finding elk. Don’t leave elk to find elk.

Tip #2 - Don’t be scared to sound like a big bull. Be realistic.

Tip #3 - Setup is everything. Shade & shooting lanes.

Tip #4 - Make sure your bow is dialed with broadheads. Equipment check daily during season.

Tip #5 - Don’t get discouraged, it only takes one!

WATCH: Dos & Don'ts of Elk Hunting

Featuring: HOYT Archery, Spot Hogg, Spider Archery

Dive into Shot Angles on elk - what to look for, where to aim and what has worked for us killing elk.

First up is the desirable broadside shot. This angle is one we all dream of but has some things to be careful shoulder blade.

Next up, we analyze the quartered to shot opportunity. This is a deadly shot when taken in close range and with proper placement.

Last but not least, the controversial Frontal Shot. We break down the aiming point and when and when not to take this shot! Hope our encounters in real life will help you kill your bull this Fall!

WATCH: Shot Angles on Elk

Featuring: EXO MTN GEAR, DECKED Systems

We're getting into anything and everything GEAR related to elk hunting. We dump Kody's 4-day bivy hunting pack and see what is needed to go chase elk in the wilderness.

Trent goes through his base camp set-up and how he packs his truck for elk season.

There are some great nuggets of info to help you go on your "Dream Elk Hunt"

WATCH: Gear Dump (Elk Hunting Base Camp to Backcounty)

Featuring: Born and Raised Call Co.

We dive into how to make the basic sounds to the advanced sounds to become a realistic elk caller. Full Spectrum of elk calling is covered with the 3 Tools of Calling,

Mouth Calls, Bugle Tube, External

Then we discuss the method of Cow calling like multiple elk. Furthermore we jump into the theories on bugle types and when to use each sound.

Location Bugle, Lip Bawl, Chuckle, Challenge Bugle & Bark Scream

Capping it off with a series of sounding like a real elk, with the entire group calling at once. We look forward to sharing our elk hunting experiences with you!

WATCH: How to Sound Like Real Elk with Real Elk Footage