"Meat Bags"

Quantity: (4) Quarter Bags, (1) Bone-out Bag

You've worked hard to get this far. 
Time to take meat care to next level. 

We’ve spent over a decade trying to protect the most valuable part of our harvests: THE MEAT. Other game bags left us needing a better solution. We needed a product that could keep the meat cool and prevent bacteria spoilage while standing up to years of use in the backcountry. Something ultralight and functional for the solo hunter. So we made them.

Introducing the first-ever anatomically designed, zippered quarter bag. A game bag that makes loading a bone-in, bull elk quarter a breeze. Designed with Airwave Ripstop material so it can breathe while being durable. Treated with DWR to fight moisture and blood, simultaneously.

We're proud to offer the last set of game bags you'll ever own.

Key Features: 

  • Washable
  • Zipper for easily bagging an elk quarter
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Seam down 1 side, zipper down one side
  • Anatomically designed for best fit
  • Lock loops
  • Draw string
  • Light reflector tabs
  • Anti-microbial
  • Insect proof
  • Reusable carry case


2023 Patent Pending


• 20.5oz


• Quarter bag: 41.5in x 23in

• Bone-out bag: 28in x 15.5in


• Hybrid RipStop Nylon


• (4) Quarter bags

• (1) Bone-Out bag

• (1) Reusable, resealable pouch package.

Eagle Cap Outdoors | January 17, 2022 | Best Game Bags for Elk Hunting

Born and Raised Game Bags:  Top Shelf Pick

Why you should select the BRO Meat BagOverview:

New on the market for 2021, these game bags have raised the bar for those looking for the best game bag for elk hunters.  The Born and Raised (BRO) game bags are feature rich yet still lightweight.  If space in your pack is an issue, you might want to use bone out bags.  However, if you can spare the room, these game bags are the Cadillac of game bags.  The BRO game bags come standard with a zipper which is currently the only game bag on the market with this feature.  If you have ever tried to hold up an elk quarter and drop it down into a tight fitting game bag you know how difficult that can be.  With the zipper you can open up the game bag, lay the quarter down on the game bag and then zip it up.    We also like the materials out of which these game bags are made.  The material breaths but it’s thick enough to keep out flies, bees and other insects.  The material also keeps the blood in the bag and not on your pack or clothes.  The BRO game bags are brown with a nice tie cord at the top.  We were able to easily hang these bags in a tree for several days while in the backcountry.

Key Features of the Born and Raised Elk Meat Bags:

  • Washable
  • Zipper for easily bagging an elk quarter
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Seam down 1 size and zipper down one side
  • Sized right for good fit
  • Lock loops
  • Draw string
  • Light reflector tabs
  • Anti-microbial
  • Insect proof
  • Reusable carry case

Material:  Hybrid RipStop Nylon
Size: 41.5” by 23” (quarter bags)
Weight:  20.5 ounces for the entire package of five bags
Fit The BRO meat bags fit are designed to fit an elk quarter and can easily accommodate a bull on the larger size
Price:  $149.99 for a set of 5
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Suggested to pre-rinse and soak used bags. Machine wash on delicate or low setting, then hang dry.

Watch Kody's wash prep after a harvest in this video:

Customer Reviews

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John Borske

Why are they so dang expensive?!?!?! I feel like you guys have fallen into the same category as every other up and coming outdoor company. Your products used to be affordable for the little guy, you used to have pride and loyalty, but like many other companies, like Primos, the talk and dollar bill signs have clouded your judgment and values. Y'all have said to send messages with questions, tips and advice. I have done this on four different platforms and have yet to get a response from any of you!!! I used to love your products and supported everything you did.... now, as a very unhappy veteran, I am going to start looking elsewhere. Good luck, good bless, and I hope God leads Y'all in the right direction!


MSG John Borske (Ret.)
AKA... the little guy!

Toby Weaver
100% Hands down, the best quarter bags iv ever had!

I can't come up with a single complaint about these quarter bags. Not only are they super tough but also convenient in several different ways. Quartering an elk by yourself is always going to be a tough process, but the way these bags are designed with the zipper makes it so much easier to get the meat in the bags and way less of a chance of getting the meat dirty. Im glad i dont have to go through the trouble of using regular meat bags anymore. Getting them rolled up and laid down, then cutting the quarter off, trying to not let it slide off on the ground, picking it up to set on the bag, holding it up while unrolling the bag up over the quarter and then still having to tie rope to the leg to hang it.. SMH.... Also, being able to unzip them after the meat is hanging makes it nice for cleaning any blood shot out and getting any hair off the quarters. Then just zip back up and BAM, you have clean meat that flies can't get to. I got these born and raised bags last Christmas, and iv had the pleasure of using them on 3 elk and 2 deer so far, and I think iv almost forgotten how to curse already.


Amazing design and strength make the work easier when taking care of the animal I have now purchased 5 set as gifts for my family and work great ever year easy clean up.

Good concept.. just not very durable

Great bags.. great idea for keeping meat from dirt as you process your animal in the field.

However, not very durable for 150 bucks. I used mine twice for a once in a lifetime elk hunt in Oregon this yr and a couple of my bags are no longer usable. Rips in the top of the bags and tears from common use. Packed out my bull and my buddies bull only.

Like i stated great concept, but ill be going back to other bags for future harvest.


Best easiest bags ever! Zipping open and closed soooo much easier and cleaner.