"Meat Bags"

You've worked hard to get this far.
Time to take meat care to next level.

We’ve spent over a decade trying to protect the most valuable part of our harvests: THE MEAT.
Other game bags left us needing a better solution. We needed a product that could keep the meat cool and prevent bacteria spoilage, while standing up to years of use in the backcountry. Something ultralight and functional for the solo hunter.
So we made them.
Introducing the first ever anatomically designed, zippered quarter bag. A game bag that makes loading a bone-in, bull elk quarter a breeze. Designed with Nylon Ripstop material so it can breathe while being durable. These MEAT BAGS can provide years of use while offering a better meat care solution.
REVIEW: Eagle Cap Outdoors, "The Best Game bags for Elk Hunting"


2021 Patent Pending


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