EZ Cow - Elk Diaphragm Call


When we sat down to design the EZ Cow, we had one goal in mind: an elk reed that anyone can use. A call so easy to blow, easy to manipulate and user-friendly that callers who have struggled for years with an elk reed would be able to use it with ease. 

The EZ Cow produces effortless cow and calf sounds with minimal forward air and tongue pressure. Easily achieve raspy cow mews, excited estrus sounds and herd talk to high pitch chirps and calf talk. 

If you've struggled in the past we encourage you to give the EZ Cow a try and increase your calling success this year. 

Manufactured by Born and Raised Call Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great call for a gagger

Love the ez cow call, I've always had trouble with diaphrams and choking on them. But this call is so easy, the metal peace on top really helps with positioning in mouth. It's got great volume and tone, can't wait to use it in sept.

The call I keep in my mouth all season

Easy to use this diaphragm, it really is the easiest call I’ve ever used. The sound is perfect, I’ve gotten several bulls to respond to this call when the bugles aren’t getting through.

Buy it!

4th year elk hunting. Neither of us have ever killed a bull. I buy new calls for the arsenal every year. All different brands. I practice, yet still not confident or for whatever reason, go back to the ones i feel comfortable with. This happened to be one of the "new" calls i tried out. Right out of the package I knew this would be one of my go to calls. Was easy EASY to use. Called in a satellite bull for my buddy the first morning out with this call. Located a bull with a bugle, called to him again after closing the distance but could tell he wasn't very interested. moved in closer and called a couple times with this and he hammered. 16 yard shot and fell over at 40 yards. Also note I called a nice 5x5 in 2 mornings later using this call as well. I will say a bugle tube is what I ultimately called in my bull with. But back to this call, It works! Thank you Born and Raised. 5 Stars for this one from a couple okie boys.

Great call

Never used a diaphragm call before and it Took about 45 minutes to get sound out and with some trimming on the call it took no time to actually get good cow sounds out of it definitely like how little air pressure it takes

My go to Call

Very easy to use and sounds great.