The CAT ROAD SHUFFLE Call Kit includes:

(1x) The Call Co. Pouch - FREE!

(1x) The Sound Bite - Estrus Cow Call

(1x) The Bomb - Bugle Tube

(1x) Land of the Free - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) September - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) Committed - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) The Reason - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) Tagged Out - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) EZ Cow - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) Over the Counter - Elk Diaphragm

All items are manufactured by the Born and Raised Call Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Excellent Calls

Love the new calls from Born and Raised Outdoors. The different mouth calls with differing sounds and bugles is amazing! I’m headed to the Great American Rocky Mountains to kill a Bull elk and it will be thanks to you guys!

Changing sounds

As a guide in northwest Colorado when you find something that works, you normally stick with it, I had a old bugle tube and set of reeds I’ve used for several years now and called in many bulls. But after the actions of the company and their treatment of Cory Jacobson, I’ve decided to go a new route. I’m absolutely thrilled with the sound and outcome of this new decision. I look forward to the coming seasons when my bomb tube will light up the canyons and strike up a herd bulls beautiful music. Thank you for making a wonderful product..


I have tried 3 out of the 7 diaphragm calls so far and they are by far the best diaphragm calls I’ve ever used. They sound pure and real. The 3 have their own strengths and they’re all very easy to make different sounds and play with. My only complaint about the whole pack is that I wish the bugle tube came with a stretchy cord/rope instead of the simple string it comes with that you tie on. The tube does sound great though and the cover is nice! Definitely recommend this package!

Best Elk Call I’ve Used

I’m fairly new, as of last year, trying to use mouthpiece calls. I bought a few different brands for cow calling, and I struggled to stay consistent. I was having trouble with cow, so bull was much tougher. Not even worth attempting in the field. The fact that this package had a variety of latex, and a graph to go with it(excellent idea), I was able to find what works best for me. I actually feel like a pro now at calling. Guess I’ll find out in the field this year!

Finally found diaphragm I'm able to use !

I super excited about these diaphragms from born and raised. I've never been able to use most other diaphragms because of narrow palate. I was very discouraged for long time. The after watching a zoom class by onxmaps, born and raised had a sale on the kit. I decided to give it a try. When I got them in the mail and tried them, I was really Happy. They WORK FOR ME !! now I can focus on technique! It's an AWESOME KIT for me ! My video is me basically for the first with a diaphragm bugle not even knowing what I'm doing.