The "CAT ROAD SHUFFLE" Call Kit includes:

(1x) The "Call Co. Pouch" - FREE!

(1x) The "Sound Bite" - Estrus Cow Call

(1x) "The Bomb" - Bugle Tube

(1x) "Land of the Free" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "September" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "Committed" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "The Reason - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "Tagged Out" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "EZ Cow" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "Over the Counter" - Elk Diaphragm

All items are manufactured by the Born and Raised Call Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Best Elk Call I’ve Used

I’m fairly new, as of last year, trying to use mouthpiece calls. I bought a few different brands for cow calling, and I struggled to stay consistent. I was having trouble with cow, so bull was much tougher. Not even worth attempting in the field. The fact that this package had a variety of latex, and a graph to go with it(excellent idea), I was able to find what works best for me. I actually feel like a pro now at calling. Guess I’ll find out in the field this year!

Finally found diaphragm I'm able to use !

I super excited about these diaphragms from born and raised. I've never been able to use most other diaphragms because of narrow palate. I was very discouraged for long time. The after watching a zoom class by onxmaps, born and raised had a sale on the kit. I decided to give it a try. When I got them in the mail and tried them, I was really Happy. They WORK FOR ME !! now I can focus on technique! It's an AWESOME KIT for me ! My video is me basically for the first with a diaphragm bugle not even knowing what I'm doing.

The perfect fit for anyone!

I have been calling with mouth calls for 7 years. Not a long time and for some they say not long enough to really be reviewing this sort of thing. It came very naturally to me in the first 2 years and I have called elk for seasoned vets of 40 years that says they have not heard it so good and crisp EVER! I use Black Magic all of the time. I have 10 of them at all times! they are in the bino bag, pack, camper, razor, and 2 trucks at all times. I will never buy black magic again! My new go to is "Committed". The metal top keeps me from pushing so hard I break the call, the fit is exact, and the sound out of the tube is next to non. I sat in Norther Wyo 2 weeks ago and called at a group of elk that screamed back at me for hours into the night with this call and tube. Very impressed with the quality and design. My dude, keep crushing this market because the others are making poor quality equipment for the weeks of bow hunting we do! Thanks and look forward to rut!


Great people and company! Love the calls!

Cat rd. Shuffle combo

I've literally never called elk before, it just so happens a drew a cow tag this year, a friend drew an any tag. Got this call pack and have been nothing short of amazed with them. I watched a few tutorials, and off I went. I've got 5 or so hrs of practice in, and I'm confident I can call in the field already! I would say a great set for beginner and master alike!