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The "CAT ROAD SHUFFLE" Call Kit includes:

(1x) The "Call Co. Pouch" - FREE!

(1x) The "Sound Bite" - Estrus Cow Call

(1x) "The Bomb" - Bugle Tube

(1x) "Land of the Free" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "September" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "Committed" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "The Reason - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "Tagged Out" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "EZ Cow" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "Over the Counter" - Elk Diaphragm

All items are manufactured by the Born and Raised Call Co.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect kit to find what works for you

Love the sound bite for making loud cow calls, took a little practice but now I can easily make the call I want. The variety of diagrams was perfect to find the one (committed) that worked the best for me. Love the videos you guys do, I’ve learned so much and not just about the hunting aspect but you always stay positive even in the lows of lows. It’s really inspiring.
PS I got my wife hooked on LOF which is awesome because I get to watch your videos all the time.

Recent review correction-LB

One of my comments was "The second day I was making some passable cow calls. And it's gotten a lot from there". The correction is "it's gotten a lot BETTER from there". Like riding a bike. I can also say that when I was bow hunting and chasing herds of elk, the mouth diaphragm call was the only type that I personally ever used where I could be right in amongst them, and they wouldn't spook. And I don't remember it taking long to learn to use them- at least for cow calls. Now, I'm really excited to use these with this bugle.

Should be all of the calls I need- till I wear them out.

I hadn't used a mouth diaphragm call for about 8 years. The first day these arrived I went through all seven of them but can't say that I could have headed right out into the Elk woods yet. The second day I was making some passable cow calls. And it's gotten a lot from there. The same with the cow estrus call. What I'm going to need a lot of work on is bugling with the diaphragm calls. I never could do more than a young bull locater call with the old blue rubber diaphragm (?) on a plastic corrugated piece of tube. What was most shocking to me, about this set, was what even the cow calls sound like coming out of this bugle. It's super impressive. So glad I started watching these guys on YouTube and bought this set.

Best I’ve ever used.

I wanted something that I could rely on. Something I know wouldn’t fail on me. When I got it in the mail I took it all out and the quality is amazing. The customer service at bro is amazing as well. I’m one of those people it’s hard to get me to change to something new. I’m glad I did because I’ll never use another call now and will always have these in my pack with me. Smooth sound and even better fit.


Thank you for producing wonderful videos and products. Found that Cat Road Shuffle call kit , are as easy as advertised and even I have impressed my hunting buddies. Thanks for everything you guys are doing. Jeff Goette