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The "September" diaphragm call is designed as a well-rounded, aggressive call.

Capable of slow playing, soft cow noises, but the perfect stretch to get the most aggression possible for bugling. 

The tighter stretch of this call's latex allows higher pressure while calling, making it one of our loudest calls to date.

Embrace all the natural sounds of the elk woods with "September" in your call quiver.

Manufactured by Born and Raised Call Co.

Customer Reviews

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My Go to.

I have 6 different reeds that are all highly recommended and supposed to be easy to blow. The September is just so much better and has a wide array of sounds that I won’t be using anything else this coming elk season. Perfect latex stretch and thickness to make a super forgiving and versatile call that won’t flub out on you.


I’ve been bow hunting elk since 1982 and have tried a lot of calls. I’ve won a couple local elk calling competitions. I ordered some on recommendation of Cory Jacobson. Needless to say this call is spot on. The call range and simplistically is perfect. Really looking forward to use it and see the results on my Wyoming archery elk hunt.

A Game-Changer for Elk Hunting: Born and Raised Outdoors Committed Diaphragm Elk Call Review

Oh boy, where do I begin with the Born and Raised Outdoors September Diaphragm Elk Call? This thing is like a musical instrument for elk hunting, and let me tell you, it has me feeling like the next elk rockstar! If you're looking to impress the elk and give them a concert they'll never forget, this call is your ticket to success.

When I first received this elk call, I was immediately captivated by its sleek design and funky color. It's like the disco ball of elk calls, ready to bring some pizzazz to your hunting adventures. I can almost hear the elk saying, "Whoa, check out that cool cat with the snazzy call!"

Now, let's talk about the sound this call produces. I must admit, I wasn't expecting to channel my inner elk diva, but this call has turned me into a singing sensation in the woods. The September Diaphragm Elk Call offers a range of tones that will make you sound like the elk whisperer. From soft, alluring cow calls to ear-piercing bugles that could rival an elk rock concert, you'll have the attention of every elk within earshot!

But the real joy of using this call is the hilarious effect it has on the elk. I mean, who can resist the smooth, suave tunes of an elk impersonator? Seeing their baffled expressions as you serenade them with your elk call is priceless. I guarantee you'll have the whole herd turning their heads and thinking, "Dang, who invited the elk karaoke champion?"

One thing I appreciate about the Born and Raised Outdoors September Diaphragm Elk Call is its ease of use. Even if you've never used an elk call before, this one will have you belting out tunes in no time. It fits comfortably in the mouth, allowing for precise control and effortless calling. No more struggling with clunky calls that make you sound like a tone-deaf boar—this call will have you sounding like a professional crooner.

In conclusion, if you're looking to add a touch of humor and musicality to your elk hunting endeavors, the Born and Raised Outdoors September Diaphragm Elk Call is an absolute game-changer. With its funky design, versatile sound range, and guaranteed laughs from both you and the elk, this call will make your hunting experience unforgettable. So grab your shades, warm up those vocal cords, and get ready to rock the elk kingdom with this groovy elk call. Happy hunting, and may your elk performances be legendary!

Jens broten
Love the "september" call

Very easy to use, sounds great, id recommend for people starting out as well as confident callers. I feel like this may be the easiest reed to learn bugles with👍

Tim Boyett
Love the tone but

First let's start with I'm a solid committed user until this. The tone and latex pressure are perfect. Low air flow necessity mixed with easy tone changes makes it almost perfect and this may be a me thing but I prefer your old dome frames. I know this model was never made in it but I would love to try that out. For me the new dome holds too much spit and gives less blowout prevention. Still gets a 4 good work fellas.