Calling all Elk Hunting Enthusiasts: We want to share your elk hunt on the Born And Raised Outdoors YouTube Channel!

We will be showcasing videos submitted by our viewers during next Elk Week, July 2024. Share the highs and lows, the real and raw side of your elk hunt.

We are excited about this opportunity and want you live the mantra, ENTERTAIN. EDUCATE. INSPIRE. So pick up a camera this Fall and document your hunt.

Films don't have to include a kill to be showcased but a story about your adventure with some elk action would be awesome! We look forward to seeing your skills in the field and behind the camera! Good Luck!

Filmmaker Submissions Details & Rules:

  • Upload your submission via YouTube Video, set to Unlisted, fill out submission form: https://bit.ly/ELKWEEK_FilmContest_Submit
  • Entries must be received no later than May 1st, 2024.
  • Entries must be native, High-Definition footage formatted for YouTube.
  • Filmmakers can submit multiple entries.
  • Submissions should be approximately 10-20 minutes in length. Keep the action and story fast paced.
  • If you have copyright material in your film you must be able to provide legal documentation of your license &/or permission to use it. Films with copyright material that do NOT provide this documentation will be disqualified)
  • Also you affirm or state that nothing illegal happened during the filming of your movie, including but not limited to you having permission to hunt on the land(s) where your film takes place, AND you affirm that all state and federal hunting regulations were followed.
  • Selected films will air during our ELK WEEK in July of 2024.