Love Triangle - Elk Cow Call


The Love Triangle is the elk call you’ve been waiting for! Over the past 2 years and hunting seasons we’ve developed the Love Triangle cow and calf elk call for the hunter looking for the most realistic, versatile and easy to use call ever made.

The Love Triangle makes perfect cow and calf elk sounds with incredible versatility and realism achieving pitches and octaves that competitors' elk calls can't.

The volume control is unmatched making the softest chirps and mews to the loudest, far reaching cow sounds.

The simple operation of biting and blowing makes hands free calling a breeze.

    • No latex (no allergies)
    • External reed (no gagging)
    • Optional hands free operation
    • Superior volume, tonal range and nasal buzz

Quality is our priority and every call is hand tuned by our staff and made in the USA.

If you are interested in achieving ultra realistic elk sounds and taking your elk calling to the next level you will love the Love Triangle by Born and Raised Call Co.

Patent Pending


• 2.3" x 0.6" x 1.5"


• 0.02 kg


• (1) Love Triangle Elk Cow Call

• (1) Paracord Lanyard

The Love Triangle is one of the easiest elk calls you've ever used and with a little bit of practice you'll be making perfect elk sounds in minutes. 

  1. Place the call in your mouth with your lips or teeth towards the end of the call with the reed.
  2. Using one hand to hold the call at the exhaust end start pushing down with your teeth or lips to apply pressure to the reed. While applying pressure start pushing air across the reed by blowing into the call.
  3. Start by pushing lightly as you learn to "Play" the call and then experiment with different amounts of mouth and air pressure to get a feel for the call and how it plays.
  4. To achieve chirps, whines, mews and estrus sounds apply more or less pressure starting with the high pitch sound and gently sliding lower to achieve the nasally buzz you desire.
  5. You can also use your hand to manipulate the amount of "Back pressure" you give the call which will in turn make the call louder, quieter, higher pitch and lower pitch. The hand you have on your call which we will call your "On hand" can be used to achieve dozens of different sounds and notes and is a very important part of the call to achieve ultimate versatility.
  6. To use the call hands free, repeat the above steps but remove the "On Hand" and place in your mouth with slightly more mouth/jaw pressure so the call won't slip from your mouth. 

The Love Triangle is an incredibly durable call and designed to last many seasons with simple cleaning and care.

  1. When not in use or on a hunt keep the call out of extremely hot places and out of direct sunlight. (Truck dashboard, hot spaces, on metal or alloy decks, etc)
  2. To clean your call it's as simple as running cool water through the reed to eliminate any debris and air drying.
  3. If possible, avoid storing in any damp/cool areas as well. Cool/damp areas promote the growth of mold. Keeping your call dry will keep it clean and ready to use!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

This lil call sounds great , and best of all it’s easy to use !!

Love Triangle

I've been practicing with the love Triangle for a few months now. This call is awesome. Easy to use and man can it hit any note you throw at it. Nailed it!

Can’t wait for September!

Got my new Love Triangle call and it sounds perfect. It is so easy to use it took me about 5 seconds to figure it out. Can’t wait to test it out this fall. Thank you BRO!


Love the call. First one I can really use. Excited to master the sounds. Can’t wait to call one in for my husband in september

Nice loud calf/cow sounds.

You can get that loud calf or cow sound. Very easy to use and it’s not a disposable/limited wear product like a mouth diaphragm call. Perfect hybrid between a diaphragm call and an external reed call. Used it during late season archery elk. This call will last you season after season.