"The BOMB" - Bugle Tube


After two years of testing, development and countless modifications, the entire team from Born and Raised Call Co. is excited to announce that it is finally here: “The BOMB” Bugle Tube.

"The BOMB" is designed to be the lightest, most effective and efficient tube on the market.

Featuring a truly unique baffle and sound chamber, this bugle will give you the edge you’ve been looking for each and every season.

Manufactured by Born and Raised Call Co.

Built On Legacy. 


- Super Lightweight and easy to carry. Only 8.2 oz and 21" long!

- Thicker side walls for increased volume and realism.

- Ultra forgiving embellished mouthpiece for ease of use and tonal variations along with pairing to our Soundbite and Two-Tone cow/calf calls for increased volume.

- "Bomb" bass chamber for the best low end sounds that travel farther into those canyons, draws and timbered flats.

- Increased back pressure for the best Lip Bawls, Chuckles, Grunts and Barks on the market.

- Concave exhaust chamber following the "Bomb" bass chamber for the best Glunks achieved with a grunt tube.

- Carry cord and bugle cover to cut down on unwanted sound included.

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