True Lesser

The True Lesser is one of the fastest, most responsive, and realistic goose calls ever created. In the N.W. the little goose reigns supreme and can be some of the most difficult birds in the country to consistently put in the decoys on a daily basis. With this in mind, we took as much of our 20+ years combined NW hunting and guiding experience and built our favorite goose call to date!

The True lesser utilizes a similar SR-11 gut system and features a shortened stature that gives you increased control, reed response, volume, and tonal range. We shortened the barrel to give you more control and designed the inside to funnel air directly to the guts giving you the caller increased feel and responsiveness. The True Lesser's insert is also shortened and bored out to increase volume and allow you to achieve those high pitch barks, whines, and clucks that both little and big geese respond so well too.

Both Eric, Bryan, and countless other full-time waterfowlers discussed in length what they want to see in their “all-around” goose call when designing the True lesser and we are confident this call will quickly find itself in the number one spot on your lanyard.

“By far one of the most versatile all-around geese calls I have ever used and my go-to call whether I’m hunting lessers in eastern Oregon, Taverner’s in the Willamette Valley or Honkers in Canada” – Bryan Stone