The "CAT ROAD SHUFFLE" Call Kit includes:

(1x) The "Call Co. Pouch" - FOR FREE

(1x) The "Sound Bite" - Estrus Cow Call (OPTIONAL)

(1x) "The Bomb" - Bugle Tube

(1x) "Land of the Free" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "September" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "Committed" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "The Reason - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "Tagged Out" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "EZ Cow" - Elk Diaphragm

(1x) "Over the Counter" - Elk Diaphragm

All items are manufactured by the Born and Raised Call Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Thank you for producing wonderful videos and products. Found that Cat Road Shuffle call kit , are as easy as advertised and even I have impressed my hunting buddies. Thanks for everything you guys are doing. Jeff Goette

Starter kit

Decided to start over after seeing this call kit cleaned out my old calls ordered the C.R.S kit , love watching the bros there all about making quality gear , and help support local oregon boys is a bonus for me , so I got the kit started trying all the different diaphragms. They were all very usable my go to were the EZ cow , commited, and September. Did alot of close Encounter cow calling, and the easy cow performed incredible could really control the volume , The pouch was nice to connected to my bino harness. Have everything right there to access. Sound bite worked and sounded great . September was great for locating, and the commited was the ticket when they came in close.thanks you guys did great job with these I will keep using them and I've got my son and son in laws using them now they love them too God-bless

CRS kit

Great great great kit for beginners like myself! EZ cow call makes a novice like me sound good. Can’t wait to try em in the wood next sept!

Cat road shuffle kit

Love it!

David Carlsen
Awesome for a beginner

Got this for myself to try and help with the calling. Nice quality on the mouth calls. Was easy to start using them. Ez cow, OTC and committed were my main this early season. For me these three I could straight a way get clean calls. Going to keep practicing with the others. Bugle tube sounds great with any and didn’t add any weight to the pack, my buddy wants one now. The sound bite took extra practice to figure which reed worked for me but I found I could use #3 to make different tones easily. Can’t wait to get back in the woods to use